My Favorite Christmas Movies!

ONE thing I love about Christmas is …. WATCHING CHRISTMAS MOVIES!!!  I love drinking hot cocoa while snuggled up watching one.  I am going to share my top 20 favorite christmas movies with yall 😊 (Haha get it? Cuz my parents do the top 20 Christian songs😊😂 lol)  I love old movies, Hallmark movies, and all the regulars like Frosty 😊☃

#20: A Christmas Carol.  This isn’t my favorite movie of all, but it’s a classic- I watch it every year, and i kinda like it.. my daddy loves it!

#19: It’s a Wonderful Life- it’s a classic!

#18: Miracle on 34th Street- love this movie!! ❤

#17:  Santa Claus Is Coming to Town- CLASSIC😍🎅🏻🎄

#16: Frosty the Snowman- CLASSIC 😍☃

#15: Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer– CLASSIC 😍

#14: Christmas Inheritance (Netflix Original)- this movie was new this year.. the whole family watched it and we all loved it 😉

#13:  A Christmas Prince (Netflix Original) – this movie was also new this year… Mom & I watched it and we really liked it.  My best friend Lily also loved it 😊❤😂

#12: Christmas in the Smokies:  my dad found this movie on Netflix last year and WE LOVED IT ☺ Such a good movie 🙂

#11: The Heart of Christmas.  This movie is a tear jerker but i love it… and i LOVE  Matthew West’s song The Heart of Christmas! ❤

#10:  How the Grinch Stole Christmas.  Idk why i luv this movie so much but i really like it ☺🤷🏻‍♀️

#9: The Santa Clause (all of them😁)

#8:  Home Alone (all of them😊)  I think these are so funny 🙂

#7:  The Polar Express!  This is a Christmas classic in my house.  We watch 3D and 2D lol 😂❤🎁

#6:  Charlie Brown Christmas:  no one can forget Charlie Brown’s Christmas TREE 🎄❄❄

#6: ELF… cuz who doesn’t love ELF?! 💚😂

#5: CHRISTMAS WITH THE KRANKS: this movie is so funny.  My family watches it every year… can’t get over the tanning and the plastic surgery!!!

#4: CHRISTMAS VACATION!  This movie is sooo hilarious 🙈

#3: A CHRISTMAS STORY  “you’ll shoot your eye out” is household tradition in my house.  This movie is so good and soooo funny😛  One of our friends love it so much too that we got him THE LAMP for Christmas 😂

#2:  HOLIDAY INN !!!  I love this movie so much!!  The beautiful dresses and the great music 😉

#1:  WHITE CHRISTMAS (starring Bing Crosby)  I absolutely love this movie so much!  I never get tired of it and we watch it every year.  If you follow my instagram account, you saw that my mom, her best friend, and I went to see the musical in Dallas.  It was really good!!  I still like the movie best tho:)

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Matthew 2:10  “When they saw the star, they rejoiced with exceeding great joy.”