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No more braces!! ?

Last week I got my braces off!! It was really weird and my teeth felt slimy afterwards ?! But I am so happy to have them off.  I only had to wear them for one & a half year… the retainer feels weird at night even but it’s better than … [MORE]

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Cell Science Project?

In biology class, we are learning about cells… so of course we had to make an (edible or non-edible) model.  Lily and I partnered up and we made a Plant Cell Cake.  The cake was chocolate and then we added icing.  Then we placed candies on it to represent the … [MORE]

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Steven Curtis Chapman!!

Steven Curtis Chapman came by the ranch recently… it was soooo good seeing him!!  It’s been forever!  We got to catch up & talk about the 25th Anniversary of The Great Adventure.  He brought us copies of his book, Between Heaven and the Real World: My Story … if you … [MORE]


Operation Christmas Child❤️

Packing shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child is a family tradition for us.  I’ve been doing it my whole life!  I love what their ministry does… makes a difference in a child’s life.  Next week is collection week… check it all out at       Throwback to 2013! Aunt Bec … [MORE]

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Grace & Me

Last year, I wrote a short story for a local college creative writing contest. I received 3rd place in my division for short story! It was really exciting!! I wrote a fiction about my best friend, Lily, (who’s middle name is Grace) and me (who’s middle name is Carmel).  I … [MORE]